What Countries Have The Best Snow For Skiing and Snowboarding

What Countries Have The Best Snow For Skiing and Snowboarding

Imagine the perfect skiing or snowboarding winter holiday.

You arrive at the airport and find a convenient transfer option to your chosen ski resort.

Upon hitting the ski field, you find groomed trails with fresh powder. The runs promise virtually endless fun and have fresh, deep snow.

Sounds surreal, doesn’t it?

Yet, countries with such skiing and snowboarding conditions exist.

North America and Europe have the world’s most renowned ski fields. However, Japan and New Zealand are also great alternative destinations. The ski resorts in these countries vary, with some being great for off-piste, alpine, or all-round skiing and snowboarding experiences.

To help you find the best country with ideal snow conditions for your next winter adventure, we’ve come up with a list of top destinations. You’ll also learn the following:

  • The best times to visit the countries for fresh snow
  • Top resorts with the best snow conditions for skiing and snowboarding
  • Countries with family-friendly ski fields

So whether you enjoy powder, park, heli-skiing, or challenging backcountry terrain, you’ll find your next destination in the following list. You may even make friends as you have the time of your life.


France is the world’s most popular winter holiday destination.

The country is popular due to its snow adventure diversity. It has Europe’s best commercial resorts with great facilities. France is also famous for its fearsome black runs in select ski fields for expert skiers and snowboarders.

Skiers and snowboarders love France’s ski resorts due to their great terrain. The country’s ski fields have well-groomed runs with deep, powdery snow. Thrill-seekers also get treated to breathtaking views of the alps as they shred powder.

Snow Conditions in France for snowboarding and skiing

The snow conditions in France’s resorts vary and depend on the season, elevation, and location. The average seasonal snowfall in France’s ski fields is between 4.5 to 5 meters. Higher terrains such as those in Avoriaz experience higher snowfalls of up to 7.5 meters.

Top 3 Resorts to Visit in France

  • Courchevel - This is the largest of the three ski areas that make up the Les Trois Vallées (Three Valleys). It has 60 lifts that give skiers and snowboarders easy access to alpine runs that cover 150 kilometers of well-groomed runs. With an average of 4 meters of snowfall, Courchevel has excellent snowboarding and skiing conditions.
  • Les Deux Alpes – This high-altitude ski field sits on a massive glacier and is the go-to location for high-altitude skiing. It has 43 ski lifts serving 200 kilometers of pistes. While the skiing and snowboarding resort has great snow conditions, 225 snow cannons complement low snowfall days.
  • Chamonix – Located on the 4,807-meter Mont Blanc, this is often considered an expert territory due to its off-piste runs and challenging terrain. Because of its high-altitude location and the cooling effect of the four glaciers, it has one of the best snow conditions. After a long and fun day in the snow fields, thrill-seekers experience the glamorous Grand Hotel des Alpes, which offers luxury accommodation and dining.

Best times to visit French Resorts

The best time to plan a winter getaway to the French Alps is between January and April.


Canada is a great skiing and snowboarding destination, known for its knee-deep powder, tree-lined runs, and groomed slopes. The country’s most popular resorts are located in British Columbia and Alberta.

Known among snow lovers as the “Powder Highway,” the Canadian province of British Columbia is home to diverse powdery ski fields and backcountry trails. Thrill-seekers flock to BC’s ski fields for excellent off-piste opportunities.

Snow Conditions in Canada for Snowboarding and Skiing

During the peak skiing seasons, temperatures around Canadian resorts are lower than those in Europe. This makes the ski fields in Alberta and British Columbia experience much higher snowfall, with an average snow depth of between 8 and 11 meters.

Top 3 Best Resorts to Visit in Canada

  • Whistler Blackcomb – This is the largest ski resort in North America, with an impressive ski village. It is Canada’s premier ski resort with world-class skiing and snowboarding facilities. During each season, the resort receives an average of 10 meters of snow.
  • Lake Louise Ski Resort in Alberta – This resort is nestled within the Rocky Mountains and is among the most well-known resorts in Canada. The ski field covers 480 acres of terrain with 200 pistes ideal for all abilities, from pros to families. You can enjoy magnificent views of forests, glaciers, and Canada’s tallest peaks as you ski.
  • Revelstoke – The resort has excellent mountain terrain that favors beginners and intermediates. It is located in the British Columbia interior, about a 2.5-hour drive from Kelowna. The ski field has great snowboarding and skiing conditions as it gets many powder days and receives an average of 9 meters of snow each season.

Best Time for a Winter Holiday in Canada

The best time for skiing and snowboarding in Canada is from December to April. The most popular times to visit Canadian resorts are Christmas, New Year, and spring break.

New Zealand

The southern winters of New Zealand are a godsend for revelers who wish to ski or snowboard away from the northern summers. The country's North and South Islands give snow lovers an alpine experience with plenty of uncrowded powdery slopes.

The Remarkables is New Zealand's most popular ski resort, located on a stunning mountain range in Queenstown. The resort has great terrains that delight beginners and pro athletes. The country's resorts are also the best places for beginners to learn skiing and snowboarding.

The South Island is more popular, with 34 resorts open to thrill-seekers from June to October.

Snow Conditions in New Zealand for Snowboarding and Skiing

During the southern winters, snow depth in New Zealand's ski resorts ranges from 0.4 meters (Mt. Dobson) to 1.9 meters (Treble Cone). The most snow falls during October, with an average of 35 centimeters of snowfall. The resorts use innovative snow guns for complementing slow days to ensure sustained skiing and snowboarding experience.

Top 3 Best Resorts to Visit in New Zealand

  • The Remarkables – Also known as the Remarks, the resort is located in the mountain ranges overlooking Lake Wakatipu. Visitors get treated to scenic views of craggy peaks and impressive black and blue runs. The Remarks has a decent snow depth of 0.9 meters at the base and 1.08 meters on the mountain.
  • Coronet PeakThe Coronet peak snow field is New Zealand's oldest commercial resort. The ski field has long operating hours with excellent accommodation options for revelers. It has deep snow runs that are 0.5 meters at the base and 1.3 meters on the mountain.
  • Treble Cone – This is South Islands' most extensive resort, covering an impressive 1400 acres. The resort delights visitors with its deep, powdery snow and terrain ideal for beginners and experts. The snow depth averages 0.9 meters at the resort's base and 1.9 meters on the mountain.

Best Time for a Winter Holiday in New Zealand

The best time to plan your ski adventure to New Zealand is between June and August. During these months, the South Island resorts have favorable weather, clearer skies, and decent snowfall.


Japan is a mountainous nation with many miles of pristine slopes.

If you hit the slopes under the right conditions, you can experience the thrill of deep powdery trails. Experienced athletes who have skied or snowboarded in Japan describe its backcountry trails as epic.

Most of Japan’s ski fields are located on the much colder northern islands. The resorts are easy to access through the Shinkansen bullet trains that travel at over 200 mph.

Snow Conditions in Japan for Snowboarding and Skiing

The ski resorts in Japan have deep and light powder that delights skiers and snowboarders. In addition, they experience some of the highest snowfalls in the world, averaging between 11 and 21 meters. They also have impressive seasonal snow depths of between 10 and 18 meters.

Top 3 Best Resorts to Visit in Japan

  • Nagano Ski Resorts – The resorts are located on larger, steeper mountains with jagged peaks in the Honshu prefecture. Their terrains are steeper with chutes and long cruises ideal for experienced skiers and snowboarders. The ski fields receive an average snowfall of 10 to 13 meters.
  • Niseko – This resort has some of the best powdery slopes in the world. While the slopes are not as steep as those in Honshu, they have trails with light and dry powder that is mind-blowing deep. The snow fields receive an average snowfall of an impressive 17 meters.
  • Hakuba – This is a family-friendly resort with dedicated areas for kids. The resort has many beginner and intermediate slopes that delight many weekend visitors. The average snowfall here matches that in Nagano and other resorts in Honshu.

Best Time for a Winter Holiday in Japan

The best time for skiing and snowboarding in Japan is between March and April. During these months, the resorts experience friendly weather with fresh snow, creating ideal conditions for in-resort and backcountry skiing and snowboarding.

The United States of America

The USA has many destinations for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities and levels.

Private businesses own and operate ski resorts in the country. For this reason, they have excellent service that aims to please visitors. Therefore, you can expect to find world-class lodging and dining as well as well-groomed and maintained runs.

Each ski resort in the States offers a unique experience. For example, aspen attracts all manner of visitors, including celebrities and world-renowned athletes. On the other hand, if you want backcountry trails with great off-piste terrain, you can head over to the snow-sure ski resorts in Utah.

The US ski fields have great terrain ideal for beginners and intermediates to explore. It also has extensive backcountry trails loved by expert skiers and snowboarders.

Snow Conditions in the USA for Snowboarding and Skiing

Snow conditions in US ski resorts depend on location and elevation. However, on average, US ski fields receive an average snowfall of between 8 and 16 meters. This makes them an excellent destination for skiing or snowboarding.

Top 3 Best Resorts to Visit in the USA

  • Aspen Snowmass, Colorado – The resort comprises four ski fields surrounding the Aspen and Snowmass ski village. The Snowmass terrain, Aspen Mountain, and Buttermilk cover an extensive 5,500 acres. Buttermilk is renowned for hosting the Winter X Games, while the Aztec Run hosts the annual World Cup Women’s Downhill.
  • Vail Mountain Resort Colorado – This is the biggest ski resort in Colorado, with terrain ideal for thrill-seekers of any ability and level. The terrain covers a vast 5,289 acres of skiable area served by 31 lifts. The resort is classified as a snow-sure destination, with an annual snowfall of about 9 meters.
  • Park City Mountain, Utah – This is the second-largest resort in Utah, with nearly half of its terrain classified as black. Its terrain is best suited for experienced and pro athletes who like to test their limits on the steep fall-line trails and canyon runs. Park City receives an average annual snowfall of between 300 and 400 inches.

Best Time for a Winter Holiday in the USA

The best time to plan a winter getaway in the USA is between January and March, which are peak powder times and the ski resorts are less crowded.

Brealpa Can Help You Make Your Next Skiing or Snowboarding Adventure Fun and Unforgettable

With so many ski resorts worldwide, skiers and snowboarders are spoilt for choice.

Skiing and snowboarding are no longer the reserves of the brave. For this reason, ski fields in many countries have various terrain and trails that favor experts and families. They also have ample accommodation, world-class lodges, and dining for the perfect winter getaway with family and friends.

Choosing your next holiday destination in countries with the best snow is not hard. This is because Brealpa has all the information you need to select a country with snow facilities that meet your need. From our website, you will also find first-hand information on:

  • Countries with the best ski resorts
  • Inspiration for snow activities to keep your whole family engaged
  • How to save money on flights, resort passes, and accommodations
  • Best times to visit various ski fields to avoid crowdedness or for immersive experiences where you can also make friends.

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