Best Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Best Ski Resorts in Switzerland

The Swiss mountains have it all.

From near vertical slopes covered in deep, powdery snow to fine dining and accommodation, the country is a snow lover’s paradise.

Whether you desire to dine at a quiet Michelin-starred luxury hotel or prefer a vibrant après-ski with kid-friendly facilities, the resorts have it all. 

And best of all?

An adventure-packed alpine skiing and snowboarding experience.

Winter sports dominance in Switzerland is hardly surprising. People have been skiing here for the past 150 years since its inception in the 19th century. The country remains a top snow sports destination with sky-high peaks, low-altitude mountains, and steep drops.

So if you’re looking for a perfect skiing and snowboarding postcard experience, explore the Swiss winter wonderland with these top picks.



This is one of the best resorts in Switzerland. It is also the highest ski area in the Alps, with a 2,133-meter vertical drop.

It sits north of the pyramid-like peak of the iconic Matterhorn Mountain. Skiers and snowboarders get treated to epic outdoor adventures, great resort facilities, and superb alpine scenery.

How To Get to The Zermatt Ski Resort

Zermatt lies close to the Italian border. It is located in Canton Wallis, a German-speaking region in southwest Switzerland.

The closest airports to the snow area are Geneva (about 2.5 hours away) and Zurich (about 3.5 hours away). There are only two ways to get to the ski field: train or helicopter. A train ride is the best option, which takes you through breathtaking Swiss landscapes along the Matterhorn-Gotthard Railway.

The Zermatt village is a car-free zone. However, there are electric taxis with which you can get around the town.

Why Skiers and Snowboarders Love Zermatt

Zermatt is the highest snow resort with the highest lifted terrain in Europe. Most of its terrain is located at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level, guaranteeing a great snowfall. The ski area receives an impressive seasonal average snowfall of over 10 meters.

The snowfield has seemingly endless slopes with 210 kilometers of pistes served by 61 lifts. It has extensive freeride terrain and plenty of marked off-piste routes. To traverse the expansive ski area, the resort features almost every kind of lift type, including gondolas, trains, cable cars, funiculars, chair, and surface lifts.

Zermatt’s massive terrain is classified as follows:

  • Beginner - 22%
  • Intermediate - 60%
  • Advanced - 18%

Zermatt has a wide range of accommodation options from four- and five-star hotels to budget options. Some of the higher-end accommodations include:

  • Kulm Hotel Gornergrat 3100
  • Hotel Schwarzsee
  • Grand Hotel Zermatterhof
  • Unique Hotel Post

There are also great budget options which feature one- and two-star hotels and dormitory-like lodges. They include Hotel Bahnhof and Hotel Weisshorn, as well as various places in the off-mountain Tasch, Visp, or Brig.



Verbier is an expert skier and snowboarder's paradise. The snow area is well-endowed with laid out terrains that allow for long-distance downhill schussing. The ski area has one of the best off-piste and backcountry terrains.

It is one of the most exclusive ski resorts in Europe, known as a popular holiday for the affluent.

How To Get to The Verbier Resort

Verbier is one of the ski fields that form part of the 4 Vallées, the most extensive snow area in Switzerland. It is located in Canton Valais, a French-speaking region in the southeast end of the country.

Visitors arrive at Verbier via the Geneva International Airport, which is about 170 kilometers away and a 1-hour drive to the resort. The airport has convenient transfer options, including taxis, shuttle buses, and trains. Sion Airport is the better option for travelers arriving from London or Zurich.

Why Skiers and Snowboarders Love Verbier

Most of Verbier’s terrain lies at an altitude of over 3,000 meters above sea level, which guarantees great snow cover. It has one of the best snowfalls in Switzerland, with a seasonal average of 7 to 10 meters.

Along with the other snowfields in the 4 Vallées, skiers and snowboarders access more than 410 kilometers of ski runs served by 93 lifts.

Verbier is best suited for advanced skiers and intermediates. It doesn’t have great options for beginners due to the advanced terrain but features many non-ski-related activities. Advanced revelers love the steep cliff drops and pitches and craggy chutes. 

The terrain is further classified as:

  • Beginner - 22%
  • Intermediate - 50%
  • Advanced - 28%

Verbier has great accommodation options. However, visitors often wonder which village to choose. There are four villages with varying accommodation options. These are:

  1. Verbier Village – This village offers many luxurious accommodations with several 5-star facilities. It is at a high altitude of 1,500 meters, facing the sunny southwest slope. Most of its facilities have vintage low-rise architecture and tend to be costly, even though there are low-cost alternatives. 
  2. Le Chable – This is located further down the mountain and is accessible via the Martigny train. Due to its low-lying position, this village has less snow than Verbier. It has great lift access with an efficient daytime gondola that provides access to Verbier village. The main accommodation options include the Le Châble, which is at the base of the Bruson ski area, and the fabulous Üna Lodge. You’ll also find many local BnBs in the village.
  3. Siviez – Experts love this village due to its easy access to the best freeride zones around Mont Fort. The village has great lift access options which fan out in all directions. The only drawback is that the village does not have many lodging options.
  4. La Tzoumaz – This village is also known as Les Mayens des Riddes. It is located opposite Verbier, on the shaded aspect of the mountain. Though it is a much lower-cost alternative, it provides a great serene alpine experience.

St. Moritz

St. Moritz

This is one of the world’s oldest and most popular snow sports resorts. It has hosted the Winter Olympics twice, in 1928 and 1948. Its famous Olympic ski jump and well-groomed slopes are frequent sites for world ski events.

Other than skiing and snowboarding, the resort has many other activities. For example, you can ice skate, curl, play cricket, and even go horse racing on the frozen lake at St. Moritz.

How To Get to The St. Moritz Resort

St. Moritz is surrounded by snowcapped and glacier-clad mountains, deep in the Engadin valley in the canton Grisons region. The eponymous town is 86 kilometers to the south of Chur, Grison’s capital. It is also 203 kilometers from Zurich by road and 125 kilometers from Milan, Italy.

Visitors access St. Moritz through Zurich and Milan Malpensa airports, which are both linked to the resort by rail. When traveling as a group, you may opt for private transfers, which are more convenient and easily accessible from the airport.

Why Skiers and Snowboarders Love St. Moritz

Like most Swiss resorts, St. Moritz resort has great snow owing to its high elevation of up to 3,303 meters. It receives a seasonal average of between 7 to 8 meters, covering its trails in deep, powdery snow.

St. Moritz snow area consists of three ski fields, which offer different snow sports experiences: The three are:

  • Corviglia – Has mostly expert terrain offering 155 kilometers of off-piste terrain.
  • Corvatsch – This is the north-facing ski field, the largest and highest at 3,303 meters. It is colder, has excellent snow quality, and has wider terrain diversity. 
  • Diavolezza Lagalb – These two distinct ski fields provide a superb experience with breathtaking views. They are very accessible via a train ride and surface conveyors.

St. Moritz’z terrain is further classified as follows:

  • Beginner - 18%
  • Intermediate - 62%
  • Advanced - 20%

The snow area has many 5-star hotels which cater to skiers and snowboarders with a taste for fine dining and accommodation. Some of these include Kulm Hotel, Badrutt's Palace Hotel, and Carlton Hotel. There are also budget-friendly options such as low-cost apartments, lodges, and 3-star hotels.



This snowfield lies on the Jungfrau massif at an elevation of about 4,000 meters. It delivers an all-rounder ski experience and offers scenic views of the surrounding landscape.

It’s a favorite winter sports destination and has been named one of the 12 best ski destinations in the European Alps. Aside from skiing and snowboarding, it offers many fun activities such as tubing, tobogganing, and sledding.

How To Get to The Grindelwald Resort

The resort is located in central Switzerland, in the expansive canton of Bern. It is a scenic resort surrounded by Jungfrau, Eiger, and Monch mountains. The resort consists of two villages, Grindelwald and Wengen, which are situated in different valleys. The nearest major town from these is Interlaken, which is situated between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.

The closest airport to the resort is Zurich which is about 120 kilometers away. The best way to travel to the resort from the airport is by train via Interlaken. Other options include the Geneva International Airport (for international arrivals) and Basel Airport (for flights from the UK and other European origins).

Why Skiers and Snowboarders Love Grindelwald

Grindelwald has a great snow cover making it a winter sports paradise. It receives a high average seasonal snowfall of between 7 to 12 meters, covering its terrain with a deep powder, loved by skiers and snowboarders.

The resort has about 160 kilometers of pistes served by 49 lifts and a further 80 kilometers of well-groomed walking trails. There are also 60 kilometers of toboggan trails for non-skiers. The lifts include Trains, Gondolas/cable cars, and chairlifts.

The terrain is further classified as follows:

  • 30% (50km) Beginner
  • 55% (81km) Intermediate
  • 20% (29km) Advanced

The Grindelwald village is situated in a valley below picturesque peaks and is a well-developed tourist site. Numerous hotels, chalets, and apartments are clustered in the village, suiting every taste and budget.

Crans Montana

Crans Montana

This ski field is located atop a sun-soaked and snow-blanketed bench overlooking the Rhone Valley. It is world-renowned as one of the best snow sports holiday destinations, offering a unique Swiss experience.

Due to this resort’s long run's south-facing nature, it is said to be the sunniest of Swiss snow fields.

How To Get to The Crans Montana Resort

The resort is located in the French-speaking region of Valais, Switzerland. It overlooks the Sierre (Siders) town, which is 171 kilometers from Geneva Airport by road.

The closest airport to fly into Crans Montana is Geneva International Airport, which is a 2.5-hour train ride to the train station at Sierre, through Montreux or Brig from Milan. Malpensa and Zurich airports are alternative ways to ingress the resort town.

From Montana town, you can take a funicular (located about 300 meters away from the railway station) that takes you directly up to the resort village. You can also take taxis or the regularly scheduled buses from the station to the village.

Why Skiers and Snowboarders Love Crans Montana

The resort receives a great average seasonal snowfall of about 8 meters of deep powder. To compensate for seasons with reduced snowfall, one-third of the slopes in Crans Montana have artificial snowmaking capabilities.

The resort has 140 kilometers of trails served by 27 lifts that ascend its 1,400-meter vertical. Its crown jewel, Aminona-Colombire-Grangettes’s eight-person gondola, whisks 2,000 people up the slopes every hour.

The slopes are classified as follows:

  • Beginner - 38%
  • Intermediate - 50%
  • Advanced -12%

The snow resort features three villages, each with gondola access to the ski slopes. There are several hotels and lodgings that offer deluxe services as well as budget-friendly options. Crans caters to more sophisticated patronage, while Montana has a more laidback and traditional atmosphere.

Brealpa Gives You Practical Information To Help You Pick Your Next Adventure-Packed Winter Destination

Switzerland is home to some of the best ski resorts in the world. Nestled within the Alps, the ski resorts have varying terrain, ideal for all abilities and levels. 

The resorts also have a wide range of accommodation options, from luxurious dining and lodging to budget-friendly places. You also get to experience the deep powder of the European Alps, thanks to the high snowfall experienced in most resorts.

We have many great winter holiday ideas to help you pick your next destination. Find hands-on information on:

  • Fun activities you can take part in various ski fields in addition to skiing and snowboarding
  • Accommodation options, both luxurious and budget-friendly
  • Resort seasons, opening, and closing times

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