Best Ski Resorts In Australia

Best Ski Resorts In Australia

It is the start of the southern hemisphere winter.

Are you looking to shred powder this season? You could try Australian ski resorts.

Australian ski resorts offer adrenaline-packed winter adventures for skiers and snowboarders. While much of Australia is sun-kissed, the southern states have diverse ski areas and world-class resorts.

New South Wales and Victoria are home to the magnificent Snowy Mountains with virtually endless backcountry ski trails. With their challenging terrain, the Victorian Alps are also a delight for families and pro athletes.

Snow lovers flock to the South from late July to August for their thrill fix. The winter wonderlands are the perfect getaway destination during the peak skiing season at only a few hours' drive from Sydney, Melbourne, or Canberra.

Aside from the warm Australian reception and many southern winter delights, the ski resorts offer:

  • Downhill skiing and snowboarding
  • Tobogganing
  • Tubing
  • Terrain parks
  • Cross-country trails
  • Night skiing (in select ski fields)

So get ready to rip up the trails with this list of six top Australian ski resorts.

Perisher Snow Resort

Perisher is the largest snow resort in the Southern hemisphere.

The resort consists of four interlinked, formerly independent resorts, which include:

  • Blue Cow
  • Smiggin Holes
  • Guthega
  • Perisher Valley

Perisher has some of the best terrain parks in Australia, loved by skiers and snowboarders of varying abilities. Its distinctive snow eucalyptus trees grace the landscape, making for serene scenic views.

How to get to the Perisher Ski Resort

The Perisher ski area is located in the Kosciuszko National Park in the Snowy Mountains. It is about 5.5 hours drive from Sydney and about 2.5 hours away from Canberra.

You can also access the resort by car or bus from the lakeside town of Jindabyne. If you want to avoid the icy roads, you can take the alpine ski tube railway to the resort from the nearby Lake Crackenback Resort.

Our Perisher Snow Resort guide has more information, including alternative transport, parking, and opening times.

Why Skiers and Snowboarders love Perisher

Perisher covers a staggering 1,245 hectares making it the largest ski resort in Australasia. With this large area comes various activities for pro athletes and families.

Each of the four constituent resorts offer customized activities for snowboarders and skiers of varying abilities. For example:

  • Blue Cow has advanced terrain popular with intermediate and expert revelers
  • Smiggin Holes has friendly slopes for beginners and families

Skiers and snowboarders love the 100 kilometers of groomed cross-country trails lined by beautiful gum trees.

Key highlights of the Perisher snow resort

  • Five terrain parks
  • A three-kilometer run
  • 65 Kilometers of slopes
  • 50 interconnected ski lifts available for convenient ascent
  • Ski school for families, individuals, and groups
  • A superpipe
  • Australia’s highest chairlift that ascends over 2,000 meters.

When you are ready to retire after a fun day on the ski field, there are numerous lodges with bars and restaurants. But, overall, the best place to stay as a visitor is Jindabyne.

Perisher Village

Thredbo Alpine Resort

Thredbo Alpine Resort is Australia’s most popular ski area. It has held the World Ski Award for the best ski resort for the past six years.

At 2,037 meters, the resort is the highest ski field in Australia.

Aside from its height, the resort has the steepest vertical runs in New South Wales. Its famed Supertrail is the longest in Australia at 3.7 kilometers.

The ski field is also home to Australia’s longest trails, known as the “Big 5.” Each of the five pistes is over three kilometers long with varying difficulty levels.

How to get to the Thredbo Alpine Resort

The Thredbo Alpine Resort is located within the Kosciuszko National Park.

It lies to the south of Sydney, which is about a six hours drive by car. Visitors land at Canberra Airport, about 2.5 hours away from the resort. There are also shuttle buses that ferry passengers to the ski area.

Free shuttles carry passengers to the Thredbo village, which has convenient amenities, including lodges with bars and restaurants.

Why Skiers and Snowboarders love Thredbo

Thredbo has the longest runs and vertical drop in Australia. The resort makes for a perfect winter getaway for thrill-seekers who enjoy testing their limits.

The Thredbo Supertrail, a 5.9-kilometer ski run of groomed snow, offers an adrenaline-packed thrill for skiers and snowboarders. It is also the perfect place for a beginner as qualified and experienced instructors offer ski lessons.

Aside from skiing and snowboarding, you can also go snowshoeing and tobogganing.

Key highlights of The Thredbo Alpine Resort

  • Four terrain parks with lots of activities for people with different abilities
  • The alpine gondola, the only one in Australia
  • Backcountry trails for experts and intermediates
  • A bustling alpine village with lodges, restaurants, and bars

Our Thredbo Snow Resort guide has more information, including alternative transport, parking, and opening times.

Mount Buller

Located in Victoria, Mt. Buller is a popular destination for day trips from Melbourne.

This is because the resort is easy to access as it's only a three-hour drive from the city. In addition, it has many dining and accommodation options available for visitors.

The alpine village and the resort treat thrill-seekers to picturesque views of Mt. Buller and the alpine village. The ski field is also excellent for people who want to treat their family to an adventure-filled getaway.

Tip: Recently, Mt. Buller joined the Mountain Collective and is on the famous Australian Ikon Pass.

How to get to Mt. Buller Ski Resort

Mt. Buller is located in the Australian Alpine region, nestled in the Shire of Mansfield. It sits on 300 hectares of skiable terrain.

Visitors arrive at the Melbourne Airport, with many bus services to the resort. To get to the village, you park your car about 1.5 kilometers away and board a free shuttle.

Why Skiers and Snowboarders love Mt. Buller

Mt. Buller is an excellent family-friendly resort.

It has a rider course and three terrain parks with activities catering to beginners, expert skiers, and snowboarders. In addition, the resort has about 80 kilometers of marked runs and the most extensive lift network in Victoria.

The resort's lively après ski scene offers convenient ski-in, ski-out lodges, with many restaurants and bars. For example, the Breathtaker Hotel is famed for its great pizza and affordable accommodation.

Key highlights of Mount Buller Ski Resort

  • The Discovery pass which allows you to access one lesson and eight beginner lifts
  • Two toboggan parks for those visiting the resort with kids
  • Excellent snow conditions with about 38 inches of snow depth
  • Double black diamond runs on the mountain's southern side, loved by experts, intermediate skiers, and snowboarders.
  • Over 30 restaurants and bars with budget-friendly services

Tip: The southern slopes of Mt. Buller don't have easy descents and are thus unsuitable for beginners. The northern face offers fun green and blue runs for beginners and intermediate abilities.

Our Mt Buller Snow Resort guide has more information, including alternative transport, parking, and opening times.

Falls Creek

Falls Creek is the largest alpine skiing and snowboarding resort in Victoria.

It is also home to the Australian national cross-country team. The ski field has stacks of groomed on and off-piste terrains that beginners and intermediates love.

In August, the resort hosts the annual Kangaroo Hoppet, the biggest snow-sport event in Victoria.

How to get to the Falls Creek Ski Resort

Falls Creek is about two hours from Albury Airport and 4.5 hours from Melbourne. For revelers arriving from Albury airport, various transfer options exist, including shuttle busses. 

Visitors arrive at Tullamarine Airport, just over four hours away from the resort by road.

You can find more information from our handy Falls Creek guide, including opening times and accommodation options.

Falls Creek View

Why Skiers and Snowboarders love Falls Creek

Thrill-seekers dub Falls Creek the prettiest ski field in Victoria because of its lush terrains. It is preferred by many thrill-seekers as it doesn’t get as crowded as the neighboring Perisher resort.

The ski field has 92 named runs and over 450 hectares of gentle terrain that favors all abilities. Its longest run is about three kilometers, allowing skiers and snowboarders to practice their tricks.

For a personalized adventure, you can take the Steve Lee Backcountry Tour. Here, the Olympian takes you to fresh powder ideal for snowboarding and skiing.

Key highlights of Falls Creek Ski Resort

  • Well-designed and fun runs
  • Superb cross-country terrain with over 65 kilometers of groomed trails
  • Family-friendly with a kid’s ski instructor-led center and free tobogganing slopes
  • Great skiing and snowboarding freestyle areas that hosts periodic competitions
  • Part of the Epic Australia Pass that allow pass holders to get discounted rates at other resorts around the world.
  • Fun-filled snow-biking tours during the summer.

Mount Hotham Ski Area

Mount Hotham Ski Area is also known as the “Powder Capital” of Australia. This is because it receives more snow compared to other Victorian snow resorts.

Due to its advanced trails, the resort is often the top choice for skiing and snowboarding pros and experts.

The ski field is also unique as its ski village is perched on the top of the resort, providing magnificent views and an alpine experience.

Along with Perisher and Falls Creek, Mt. Hotham is on the Epic Australia Pass.

How to get to Mount Hotham Ski Resort

Mount Hotham is located within the Alpine National Park. The snow resort is about 4.5 hours away from Melbourne.

Visitors can conveniently access Mt. Hotham through the Kingsford Smith International Airport, which lies about 20 kilometers away. Alternatively, they can access the resort through Albury airport, which has excellent transfer options.

Why Skiers and Snowboarders love Mount Hotham

Mt. Hotham sits on 320 hectares of terrain ideal for varying abilities. The resort has dedicated trick spaces on its three terrain parks. It is also home to Mary’s Slide, Australia’s most challenging runs.

The ski field offers Australia’s steepest diamond run for advanced skiers and snowboarders. There are also plenty of runs for beginners and intermediates.

The resort is also the location of the biathlon range for cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.

Key highlights of Falls Creek Ski Resort

  • Backcountry trails with cat skiing for quick access
  • Dogsled rides, snow biking, and tobogganing for non-skiers
  • Great childcare services
  • Uncrowded since it is further from the city
  • Superb ski-in, ski-out accommodation available at the ski village
  1. Charlotte Pass Ski Resort

Charlotte Pass is the oldest and highest snow resort in New South Wales. It is named after Charlotte Adams, the first European woman to scale the top of Mt. Kosciuszko.

The winter wonderland is tough to get to and is only accessible through over-snow buggies from the Ski Tube on the Perisher end. This makes the resort less crowded. In addition, the limited number of visitors reduces lift congestion and accidents.

How to get to the Charlotte Pass Ski Resort

Charlotte Pass is located in New South Wales, overlooking Mt. Kosciuszko. It takes three hours to reach the resort by road from Canberra.

Visitors can access Charlotte Pass by a 2-hour flight from Brisbane to Cooma.

Why Skiers and Snowboarders love Charlotte Pass

Even though it is only 50 hectares, the resort sits on an open expanse which is ideal for beginners and intermediates. Advanced skiers and snowboarders who love to test the limits can explore the backcountry trails.

Key Highlights of the Charlotte Pass Ski Field

  • Fun-laden recreational winter races and ski-competitions
  • Scenic views of Mt. Kosciuszko
  • Play park for kids
  • Kosciuszko Chalet Hotel, which provides ski-in, and ski-out services

Planning Your Next Skiing or Snowboarding Getaway? Brealpa Can Help You

As winter descends on the southern Australian states, its world-class ski resorts beckon.

The snowfields of Victoria and New South Wales offer unique experiences to skiers and snowboarders. Snow hounds get treated to a warm Australian welcome as they enjoy scenic landscapes with a stunning bushland backdrop. And with a long ski season lasting from July to August, Australia makes for a perfect skiing and snowboarding getaway.

To help you plan for an adventure-packed retreat, Brealpa has all the information you need. We provide you with first-hand information on:

  • The best ski resorts from around the world
  • Activities you can take part in various ski fields
  • How to get to the resorts
  • Accommodation and dining options available
  • Why we think a specific resort is a good choice for your next holiday

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