What Brealpa Is All About?

We have one main goal here, and that is to discover, document and experience the best ski resorts in the world and share with you all that makes them special. we started with New Zealand by documenting New Zealand Ski resorts as they are our home mountains. But from there we knew we had to expand to all the amazing ski resorts in the world.

So what is it exactly that we do?
Well, we do a huge amount of research and experience on each of the mountain resorts listed on our site to provide you with the most crucial information you can find in one place.

This includes for all mountains we list.
- What we think makes the Resort Great
- What the Ski Resort has to offer.
- The Weather of the Ski Resort
- How to get to the resort
- Nearby Accommodation options and recommendation
- Nearby things to do
- FAQs about the mountain.

Our goal long term is to spend every day travelling the world and visiting every Ski Resort in the world.
We are not quite there yet but we definitely hope to be one day. Every time you visit or share our site with your friends and family we get one step closer to that dream.

Breapla History

We are are realativly new in the Ski Resort review and guider space, we started mid 2022 and still have a very long road ahead.

Some FAQs About Us?

Where are we based

In Snowy Australia

Where is our Favorite resorts

We love the Snow Resorts of New Zealand

can we Review your resort?

Of course we can, please get in touch using our Contact Form and we  will check our your mountain.

Are We Hiring ?

Not at this time, but maybe one day in the future

Does a Skier or Snowboarder write for this site?

Snowboarder, Sorry Skiers we may be a little bias.